Private tutoring in International Baccalaureate (IB)

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Natural sciences contains subjects like biology, physics and chemistry. The syllabus in biology is overall concerned around processes and changes in the human body, plants and animals. Physics, on the other hand, emphasizes aspects like motion, energy, gravitation, electricity and atomic physics. In chemistry the students learn more about acids and bases, elements and the periodic table, as well as different materials. IB also offer different types of mathematics on both standard and higher level. In these courses the student must achieve mathematic concepts like functions, trigonometry, differentiation and statistics. The teaching lessons in natural sciences and mathematics are both theoretical and practical, and a tutor at MentorNorge can supervise you through the different tasks and assignments throughout the schoolyear

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Languages construct meaning and understanding between different people and cultures, and speaking several languages is therefore beneficial to succeed in this world. By studying different texts, literature and grammar, you will gain better knowledge around the specific language in both an oral and written form. The language lessons are held in the respective language the student has selected. The language courses consists of Norwegian, English, French, German and other languages the specific high school can offer. MentorNorge can help you better structure written assignments, oral presentations and other elements of the grammar you find difficult.